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About Rand Tablet

Welcome to the Rand Tablet user guide. Here you’ll find everything need to get your Rand Tablet set up and ready for the road ahead.

Quick Start Guide PDF

Full User Guide

Product Registration

Rand Tablet product registration is completed through the Rand One mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android.

Android: Download Rand One iOS: Download Rand One

During initial set up you will be prompted to download the Rand One app via QR code and confirm on the Rand Tablet interface that you are ready to discover you tablet in the app and pair. If you skipped initial set up, registration can be initiated by selecting the Gear Icon from the Home Screen and selecting Registration.

Selecting I’m Ready will broadcast the serial number of your Rand Tablet so it is discoverable by the Rand One app.

Rand One Sign Up

Sign up for a Rand One account by downloading the app from your smartphone’s app store below:

Android: Download Rand One iOS: Download Rand One

Welcome to Rand One

Get started by selecting No to create a personal Rand One account.

If you are already a Rand One member you can select Sign In.

To create a new account tap Sign Up.

1. Enter your full name, email address, and tap Next. 

2. To verify your account, a one-time activation code will be sent to your email address.

3. Enter the 6-digit activation code. 

4. Create and confirm your new password then tap Create Account.

5. Select Sign In to access your account and register your new Rand Tablet!

Rand One Product Registration

1. In the Rand One app under the Products section, tap Add Product.

2. Select Tablet.

3. Select the model you would like to register. Ensure your Rand Tablet is in Discovery Mode.

4. The app will discover any Rand Tablet devices in pairing mode an auto-fill the serial number.

5. Select Purchase Date and use the date wheel to select today’s date.

6. Tap Attach Receipt and follow the on-screen prompts to take a photo of your receipt or attach a photo from your camera roll. Ensure that both the date and product are visible when capturing the receipt.

7. Select Complete.

8. Success! You are ready to hit the road!

Rand Data Transfer

Over-the-air user data transfer is supported on the following models with navigation software version 2.5.14 or higher. 

  • TND models Support: 550, 750, Tablet 85, 1050
  • OverDryve models: ODP7II and ODP8II

You can find your software version by clicking the gear icon on the map screen and scrolling down the General tab to Contact & About.

Note: You must have a Rand One account to use the over-the-air data transfer method. 

User Data included is:

  • Address History
  • Bookmarks & Groups
  • Trips, Trails
  • Mileage & Fuel

TND Data Export

1. Using the TND 750 as an example, navigate from Truck Tools to open the Export Data app.

2. Choose which data you want to transfer and select Cloud from the options on the right. Tap Export.

3. Sign in to your Rand One account using the credentials you created during app sign up. Depending on the amount of data you are transferring this process may take several minutes. A strong Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

4. The export process will begin upon successful sign in. The Rand Navigation app will open and begin backing up your data in preparation for export. When the back up completes, the export process will begin.

5. When complete you will be notified of which data elements have completed export to the Rand Cloud for temporary storage. You may now sign into your Rand Tablet Import app to retrieve your user data from the Rand Cloud. 

Note: Data will be stored for 48 hours or until it is imported into your new device. 

Rand Tablet Data Import

To import user data from the Rand Cloud to your Rand Tablet device you must first ensure that you have opened the Rand Navigation app. 

1. Select APPS from the Main Menu screen.

2. Open the Import app from the app tray.

3. Select Continue to navigate to the Import Data screen.

4. Select Cloud and tap Import.

5. Enter your Rand One credntials and select Sign In

6. When successfully signed in the download process will begin.

7. Depending on the size of the user data you are transferring this process may take several minutes. When the download completes the import process will begin.

8. Congratulations! You can now re-open the Rand Navigation app and get rolling!