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How to use the Idling Report

The Idling Report enables you to generate reports on the amount of idling (when the engine is on but the asset is stationary) within your fleet over a selected date range. Our idling report provides you with valuable insights into the amount of time your fleet is idling and the fuel consumed during these periods (when fuel data is accessible).

The Idling Report is valuable for many use cases, including:

  • Report on unnecessary vehicle idling – see how often and for how long your drivers/operators are leaving your vehicles idling. This can be used to improve you driver/operator behaviour and reduce your operating expenses by eliminating unnecessary engine wear and fuel consumption.
  • Report on idling time at customer sites – see how long your assets are left idling at customer sites. This can help you improve demurrage times and also identify opportunities to charge your customers for extended wait times. 
  • Report on idling time at your depots/terminals – see how long your assets are left idling inside your depot/terminals, to help improve cycle times and your operational efficiency.

Using the Idling Report

Accessing the Idling Report:

Click Idling Report under the Reports menu.

Using the Report:

Once you have loaded the report, apply your desired filters and click the GO button.

The available fields in the report are;

Asset – The Asset Label and Group.

Start – The time and date the Asset started idling.

Stop – The time and date the Asset stopped idling.

Duration – The duration the Asset was idling for displayed in seconds or days|hours|minutes.

Fuel – The Fuel that the Asset consumed whilst idling (fuel data will only display if the Asset/Device supports it).

Location – The location where the idling period occurred.

Filtering the Report:

Groups, Tags, Idle Duration, and the Date picker filters can be used to filter the Idling Report.

You can also filter the report to specific assets by;

  • The Search bar 
  • Search Query in the search bar (advanced search).
  • The quick filter displayed on the cursor hovers in the table row.

Quick link to Events:

You can access the related events for an Idling segment by clicking on the Spy Glass icon that appears when hovering over the corresponding table row. This will open the Events Report in a new browser tab, pre-filtered to the Events received for the Asset between Idling Start and Idling Stop.

Exporting the Report:

The report can be exported in CSV format via the export option. The report will download to your browser after you select to download it.

Scheduling a Report Export:

You can schedule the report export to be emailed to you using the Scheduled Report option.

Note: See the How to Create a Scheduled Report user guide if you are unfamiliar with this feature.