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How to use Events Report

The Events Report displays all events reported by the devices deployed to your Asset Fleet. In the Event Report you are able to filter by event types Important Events (please see FAQ: What is the definition for Event Types & Important Events to learn more about event types in the platform). The Events report can be used for granular investigation into the activity of a specific Asset or comparison between Assets.

  • Click on Reports on the main menu
  • The Reports drop-down menu will appear
  • Select the Events Report from the list

  • The report will then load a table including the following columns:
    • Asset – Asset Label & Group
    • Rego – Asset Registration & Make
    • Date/Time – Date/Time the event was reported by the device
    • Event Type – Description of the event type
    • Heading – Direction Asset was travelling at the time of the event
    • Speed – Speed at which the Asset was travelling at the time of the event
    • Location – Location of the Asset at time of the event (Address or Fence)

  • Clicking on the magnifier icon that appears in the event row when hovering your cursor over it, will open the event parameters/sensors for that particular event (if you have access to this feature)
  • Clicking on the filter icon that appears in the event row when hovering your cursor over it, will filter the event’s report to the particular events for the asset

Filtering the Events Report

  • To filter the report click on the down arrow in the search bar at the top of the page
  • You can then filter the report by an individual or a combination of the below options; 
    • Asset Groups
    • Asset Tags
    • Fences
    • Event Types 
    • Important Events
    • Date Range:
      • Date Range Presets
      • Custom Date Range by selecting your desired start date and end date on the calendar

  • Once you have selected your filters, click the GO button to apply them to the Report
  • If you would like to search for a specific Asset, type the Asset label in the search bar and click on the Go button OR hit your Enter key. 
  • You can also search by other fields by setting the search query as follows;
    • Click on the down arrow next to the spyglass in the Search bar
    • Select one of the predefined Search Queries

  • Then type the field value into the search bar and click the Go Button OR hit your Enter key
    • You can type in multiple search values and separate them with a comma when using a Search Query. An example Asset Label query might be – label01,label10,label27
      Note: no space is required between the comma and next search value
  • If you would like to remove all search filters you have applied, click the Cross icon in the Search bar OR to remove specific filters open the Search menu and de-select the filter
  • You can export or schedule a report export via the export selector next to the Search bar