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How to restrict a Users asset visibility using Groups

Users in the platform can be restricted to accessing only certain Assets using group restrictions. You may wish to restrict a certain user or users to only see assets that they are responsible for such in their territory, under their branch or department. A user in the platform can have access to all Groups, some Groups or a single Group.

You can learn more about the Groups functionality in the platform by reading the guides in the How to use Groups section of the knowledge library.

Note: by default, all groups will be un-checked meaning the user has access to all groups under your account. A user only has access to all Groups when they are either all unchecked or all checked.

  • Go to the Users module by selecting it under the system menu

  • Select the User whose group permissions you would like to edit
  • Once you have loaded the Users profile screen you will see the Groups listed under the Groups tab
  • Check the group(s)/sub-group(s) that you would like to restrict the Users access to

  • Next time the user logs in they will be restricted to only access assets in the group(s)/sub-groups(s) that you have checked