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How to Edit your Asset Details

The Assets module is where you can store all information about your Asset and customise things such as the Asset Label and Avatar. This guide explains how to update and/or edit your Asset information.

  • Navigate to the Assets home screen
  • Click on the Asset Avatar or Label to open the Asset Info page for the Asset you would like to update the details for
  • At the top of the Asset Info page you will see a number of editable fields;
    • Label – the Asset Label that will display across the platform
    • Group – the Group that the Asset currently belongs to
    • Driver – the driver currently assigned to the Asset 
    • Tags – Tags assigned to the Asset
    • Rego – the Assets Registration number
    • Make – the Assets Make
    • Model – the Assets Model
    • VIN – the Assets VIN Number
    • ODO – the Assets current Odometer reading
    • Runtime – the Assets current Engine Hours
    • Job ID – the Job ID currently assigned to the Asset
  • All of the fields except for Group, Driver and Tags are free text boxes
  • Below the Assets details information fields you will see Tabs;
    • Notes – displays any Notes created against the Asset (see user guide: How to add a new Note)
    • Reminders – displays any Reminders created for the Asset (see user guide: How to add a new Reminder)
    • Info – displays any custom fields added to the Asset (see user guide: How to add a Custom Field)
    • Docs – displays any documents upload to the Asset (note: this Tab is only available to Enterprise customers) (see user guide: How to upload documents to an Asset)
    • Location – displays the current location of the Asset
    • Trips – displays the latest Trips made by the Asset 
    • Events – displays the last 7-days of events received from the device installed in the Asset
    • Sensors – displays the last 7-days of sensor/engine data received from the Asset and Device 
    • Interactions – displays recent Fence Interactions made by the Asset
    • Drivers – displays drivers information associated with the Asset
    • Ext.Info – displays engine data from the vehicle, and information about the device’s GPS fix and its connection to the cellular network.
    • Devices – displays the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of the device. 
    • Logbooks – displays the logbooks associated with the Asset (see user guide: How to add a new Logbooks)

Important to know

  • If a Pad Lock icon is displayed in the ODO and/or Runtime field this means that the value is being reported by the Asset directly and therefore cannot be edited. If there is no Pad Lock icon you can edit the ODO and/or Runtime value and update it to the current reading for the Asset (Also see user guide: How to update your Asset Odometer (ODO) reading)
  • Platform includes an auto VIN look up feature. This means that if you have installed a Platform device connected to the engine diagnostics in your Asset and the vehicle is reporting VIN number the VIN, Make, Model and Rego fields will be auto populated by Platform for you. 
  • To add custom Asset Details see the user guide on How to add a custom info field

Editing Asset details

  • To edit the information in a field (except Group, Driver and Tags) simply click into the field and type or edit the information
  • Click out of the field to save your changes

Editing Asset Group, Driver or Tags

  • To edit the Group, Driver or Tags, simply click into the field and a drop down menu will appear (Note: if no options appear it means you do not have any Group/Driver/Tag to select)
  • Select the value you would like to set from the list and click out of the field to save your changes

Changing your Asset Icon

  • Hover your cursor over the Asset icon next to the Asset Avatar

  • menu will appear showing the different types of Asset Icons available in Platform

  • Select the Asset Icon you would like
  • A Saving animation will appear and then the newly selected Asset Icon will be circled
  • Move your cursor out of the menu and it will close 
  • You will see that the displayed Asset Icon has updated to the one you have selected

Changing your Asset Avatar

  1. Click in the Asset Avatar image to open the Edit Avatar dialogue box

  1. The Edit Avatar dialogue box includes two tabs;
    1. Upload – where you can upload your own Avatar image (follow the instructions in this tab to upload a suitable image)
    2. Library – where you can select existing platform provided Avatar images or other images already upload to your account
  2. Select the Avatar image you would like to use for the Asset and then close the Edit Avatar dialogue box
  3. The Asset Avatar image selected will be updated to your new selection