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How to edit a Tag and its assignments

This user guide explains how to edit an existing Tag in your account.

  • Navigate to Tag Management (Tags) (How to access Tag Management)
  • On the Tags home screen, search for the Tag you would like to edit either by;
    • Scrolling the Tag table
    • OR by using the search bar to search for the desired Tag by the Tag Name
  • Once you have located the Tag that you would like to edit, click on the Tag name to open the Tag editing screen
  • In the Tag editing screen you can edit;
    • Tag Name 
    • Tag Type
    • Tag Colour
    • Tag Status (enabled/disabled)
  • You can also edit the assignment of the Tag for;
    • Assets
    • Fences
    • Users

Editing the Tag Assignment

  • To edit the Assets, Fences or Users that the Tag is assigned to, make sure you have selected the corresponding tab on the Tag editing screen
  • You will see 3 buttons under the Assets and Fences tab and 1 button under the Users tab;
    • Add Assets/Fences/Users (Blue) – used to assign specific Assets/Fences/Users with the Tag
    • Add All (Green) – used to assign all of your Assets/Fences with the Tag
    • Remove All (Red) – used to remove the Tag from all of your Assets/Fences

  • If you would like to assign additional Assets/Fences/Users to the Tag;
    • Click on the Add Assets/Fences/Users button on the corresponding tab
    • Scroll the table or use the search bar to find specific Assets/Fences/Users
    • Select the Assets/Fences/Users you would like to assign the Tag to in the pop-out selection screen
    • Click on the Add Assets/Fences/User button to save
    • Close the pop-out by clicking the cross in the top right-hand corner or by clicking on the screen outside of the pop-out

  • To remove the Tag from specific Assets/Fences/Users, hover over the Avatar on the Tag editing screen and select it
  • A Remove Selected button (Red) will appear at the top of the Tab
  • Once you have selected all of the Assets/Fences/Users that you would like to remove the Tag from, click on the Remove Selected button
  • After finishing your edits you can return to the Tag Management home screen by clicking the back arrow