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How to add non-tracked assets to your account

You can add non-tracked assets to your account via the Assets module. This features allows you to add other assets to the platform such as fixed assets or assets that you do not or cannot fit a GPS tracking or Telematics device to. By adding these Assets to your account you can leverage all the features in the Assets module including making notes against the assets, setting reminders and uploading documents. You can also set their current location and see them on Fleetmap. 

Note: this feature is not enabled for all customers. Non-tracked assets incur a monthly subscription fee as well.

Add a new non-tracked asset

To add a new non-tracked asset to the platform, go to Assets and follow the below steps;

  • Click on Assets on the main menu
  • Click the Add Asset button

  • The create asset dialogue box will open
  • Select the Non Tracked tab at the top of the dialogue box

  • Complete the Label field
  • Select the Group that the new asset should be allocated to
  • You can then select the asset location using the search field above the map. This field supports the following;
    • Lat/Long – input the Latitude/Longitude
    • Address – start typing the street address and you will be shown auto-complete options
    • UTM – input the UTM
    • W3W – input the What3Words location

  • Once you have selected a location, a map marker will appear on the Map
    • You can click and drag the map marker to a new location on the map and the marker position will update along with the Lat/Long values
  • Once you have selected the Assets location and completed the other fields, click the Create button to add your new asset

  • Your new asset is now added to your Asset list in the Assets module
  • Select the asset to update the full asset details

See our How to edit your asset details guide if you would like to learn how to update the details of your new non-tracked asset.