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How to add a new Note

In Assets you can add different types of notes against your Assets to keep track of issues, maintenance history or general actions made against the Asset. This guide explains how to add a note to an Asset.

  • Navigate to the Assets home screen
  • Click on the Asset Avatar or Label to open the Asset Info page for the Asset you would like to add a note to
  • The Notes tab will be default selected but if not select the Notes tab

  • Click on the New Note button
  • The Notes type drop down menu will appear

  • Select the Note Type at the top of the window
    1. Note/Comment – general notes you would like to add to the Asset
    2. Issue – can be used to note issues reported about the Asset e.g. cracked windscreen
    3. Maintenance – can be used to note maintenance work completed on the Asset e.g. brake discs replaced
  • Once you have selected your Note Type, you can free type in the enter new notes box
  • Click the Save button to save the note against the Asset or click cancel to close the window without adding the note

  • The new note will now appear under the Notes tab for the Asset with a Status of Opened
  • You can update the status of the Note by clicking on completed option in the Status field

  • If you want to delete the note click on delete option on the right corner, Then the note will be deleted or removed.