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Classifying Stops in Time Management

This guide explains how to classify Stops, add Job numbers and Job & Daily Notes. 

  • Open the Time Management module by selecting it on the menu
  • Time Management will load to display all Stops made by your Assets Today by default
  • Select the date range that you would like to classify Stops for by using the date range filter in the Search bar
  • You can then also filter down the listed Stops further by using the Group and/or Tag filters and/or by typing in a specific Asset Label in the Search Bar

  • Now you have the Stops you would like to classify you can simply start classifying them by clicking in the ‘Select Job Stage’ box for each stop
  • Clicking in the Select Job Stage window will display your available Job Stages and their classification Group Note: Default accounts only display Chargeable, Non-Chargeable and Personal Job Stage classifications. If you would like custom Job Stages types please contact Support
  • Once you have classified your Stops, click the page refresh icon at the top right of the table. This will refresh the page to show your classification totals at the top of each stop table
  • Completing a browser page refresh will update the widget stats

  • To edit a Stop classification, simply click in the Job Stage selector box again and select a different Job Stage

Adding Job Numbers & Notes

  • As you classify the Stops you can add a Job Number to the stop by typing it into the ‘Job No‘ field
  • You can also add notes to each Stop by typing in the ‘Job Notes’ text box
  • The Daily Notes text box allows you to add notes relevant to the whole day e.g. the name of an apprentice with that vehicle on the day

  • Once you have finished classifying your Stops you can simply adjust your filters to load other Stops for classification e.g. change the Asset Label to load the Stops for a different asset during the same date range or filter by a different Group and/or Tag
  • You can export Time Management information from Platform by using the Time Management report and Efficiency Report both available under Reports

Editing Stop Location

  • If you would like to edit the Location displayed for the stop, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the Location field and the Address editor will open
  • Note: see the user guide How to edit an address in Time Management to learn more about editing addresses

Tip: If you are responsible for classifying the Stops for the same Assets each day/week and they do not all sit in the same Group, why not add a Tag to these Assets so you can quickly filter the Stops you wish to classify by your Tag