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What information is displayed in the Fleetmap Fence Table

The Fence table in Fleetmap lists your current active Fences and provides information on the number of Assets inside/outside each Fence and any Fence description. If you have the relevant User Role you will also see the blue Fence Management button displayed when you have this tab selected.

  1. Click on Fence tab next to Asset Table tab to display the Fence table
  2. The Fence table display’s all current active Fences under your account, with the following columns:
    • Fence Icon – Fence icon displaying the Fence styling
    • Fence – Fence label and description
    • In – The total number of Assets currently in the Fence

  3. To focus the Map on a particular Fence, click anywhere in the row for the selected Fence
  4. You can access the Fence Management module by clicking the blue Fence Mgt button. Fence Management will then open in a new Browser tab. (Note: this button is only visible if you have the relevant User Role (permissions))