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What information is displayed in the Fleetmap Asset Table

The Fleetmap Asset Table displays up to date information about your Assets, including current location and status. 

  1. The Asset table displays the below columns when docked to the left or right of Fleetmap:
    1. Asset Avatar & Status – Your Asset Avatar and the Assets current status or device health status
    2. Asset – Asset Label & Group (clicking the Asset label will load the Asset Settings in a new browser tab if you have user permissions for Asset Management)
    3. Current Location – display’s the Assets current location (Address OR Fence) 

  2. Hover your cursor over an Asset in the table and the control options will appear
    1. Locate – click to zoom the map to the selected Asset and enable predictive tracking
    2. Edit – click to view Asset details
    3. History – click to load the last 24-hours of History (breadcrumbs) for your Asset

  3. You can also click on the Asset Avatar or Asset Label to zoom the map to the selected Asset