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Viewing Asset History (Breadcrumbs) on Fleetmap

On Fleetmap you can quickly and easily load the last 24-hours of History (Breadcrumbs) for any of your Assets, this allows you to review the most recent activity of your Assets. Breadcrumbs also marks any stops and important events that occurred during the breadcrumb period so you can easily assess driving behaviour and review asset usage. Follow the steps below to learn how to use Breadcrumbs on Fleetmap.

  • You can view the History for an Asset by either;
    • Click on History in the Asset dialogue box

    • Via the Asset table by hovering your cursor of the Asset and clicking History 

  • Once clicked the Map will scale to full screen and the last 24-hour’s of History for the Asset will overlay on the Map
  • The History will also load Stop and Important Event markers, displaying the date/time they occurred next to them

  • The date/time window, displays the date/time (24 hour clock) for the Assets location during the History playback so you have a clear indication of date and time the Asset was at that location

  • Click on the stop marker to see more information about the stop

  • Click on the Important Event marker to see more information about the important event

  • A time slider and Sensor data graph will appear under the Map
  • Click on the Play button on the far left of the timeline bar to start History play back

  • You can also scrub through the History timeline by clicking and dragging the scrub bar

  • The Asset Icon will replay it’s History, indicating Status (moving or parked), Heading and Speed
  • You can jump to any point in the Breadcrumbs by either;
    1. Clicking on the playback timeline under the map
    2. Clicking in the sensor graph
    3. Selecting an event in the Asset table
  • You can zoom into a specific section of the Breadcrumbs by selecting the section of interest on the Sensor graph. Simply use your mouse to left click into the sensor graph and hold and drag across the section you wish to highlight. Release your mouse button and the Sensor graph and timeline will zoom to this section (Note: the map will not automatically re-load to show the selected period)

  • You can load other available Sensor data for the selected Asset by clicking on the Sensor Data menu and selecting a different data set

  • Select the Sensor data you would like to see and it will be loaded on the Sensor graph

  • Close History by clicking on the Close button at the far right of the timeline bar

  • The Fleetmap will then re-focus to display all Assets