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Using the Settings tab on Fleetmap

The Settings tab on Fleetmap allows you to select your preferred Asset marker and customise the Fleetmap auto focus settings.

  • The Settings tab is located in the top right hand corner of the Map screen along with the Map Layers, Fence and Asset tabs

  • Click on the Settings tab to slide out the Settings window

  • The Settings window has two sections:
    • Map Marker:
      • In the Map Marker section you can select your preferred Asset Icon. Simply click on your preferred icon type and Fleetmap will automatically update 
      • The selected Asset Marker is highlighted green

    • Map Options:
      • In the Map Options section you are able to enable/disable the auto focus features for Warning & Critical events. Focus on Critical Events is checked on by default. (Please read FAQ: What are the definitions for Event types & Important Events? for definitions of these types of events in your application)
      • You can also enable/disable Mouse Coordinates, which when enables displays the exact coordinates that you have your cursor at on the map. This is displayed in the bottom left corner of the Map, under the Search Location window. 

  • To hide the Settings tab, click on the close tab button