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Using the Fence selector tab

The Fence selector tab enables you to filter and customise which Fences you would like to be displayed on the Fleetmap. You may have Fences that you have created for only notification or reporting purposes that you don’t need displayed on Fleetmap and Fences that you do, such as Fences like Depots or Customer sites. Now you can select which Fences you want to see and which you don’t.

  • The Fence Layer tab is located in the top right hand corner of the Map screen along with the Map Layers, Asset and Settings tabs.

  • Click on the Fence Layer tab to slide out the Fence Selector window

  • The Fence list will load in alphabetical order and is scrollable
  • To hide all Fences on Fleetmap, you can uncheck the tick box at the top of the window

  • If you would like to hide only certain Fences, you can uncheck the box for each Fence which appears when you hover you cursor over the Fence icon

  • You can use the Search Fence field at the top of the window to filter the list. Simply type the Fence name into the field and the list will auto filter
    • This is particularly useful if you have prefixes for Fence names such as ‘Depot_Perth’ so you can filter the list to ‘Depot’ to display fences with this prefix and then bulk hide or display these Fences by unchecking/checking the tick box at the top of the window

  • You can focus the Fleetmap on a specific Fence by clicking in the Fence row

  • To hide the Map Layers tab, click on the close tab button