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Using the Asset Follow feature on Fleetmap (new)

The Asset Follow feature on Fleetmap, allows you to lock the focus of the map to a single Asset and enables real-time and predictive path.

  • Locate the Asset you would like to enable Asset Follow for on Fleetmap. You can do this either by scrolling the Map view, by clicking the on the Asset Label or current location in the Asset table or by clicking on the Locate controller activated on hover in the Asset table
  • Once you have located the desired Asset, click on it’s Icon to open the Asset dialogue box
  • Click Follow in the Asset dialogue box to activate Asset Tracking

  • The Map will then reload displaying the Asset Icon and a dotted predictive path. The predictive path is calculated based on the Assets current heading and speed

  • The Asset icon will move along the predictive path and once it reaches the end it will load the next predictive path and display a breadcrumb tail. The speed at which the Asset Icon moves along the predictive path depends on the current speed being reported by the Asset
  • To disable the Asset Tracking either;
    • Click on the Asset Icon to open the Asset dialogue box and click Stop 

  • OR click on the Home button in the top right of the Map
  • Note: The Map view will continue to refocus the Map to the Asset you have enabled Follow for on each auto-refresh, if you scroll your Map view away from it before disabling Follow