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Using My Profile to set your preferences

The My Profile feature in the platform allows you to set your user preferences such as whether you would like to display distance in Miles or KM’s. This guide covers the available features in My Profile so you can start customising how you view the information in the platform.

  1. To access My Profile, click on the person silhouette on the main menu
  2. Then click on My Profile to load the My Profile page

Edit your details

  • On your My Profile page you can;
    • Edit your Name
    • Edit your email address (username)
    • Job Title
    • Edit your mobile number
    • Select your preferred Landing Page
    • Update your password
    • Upload your avatar image

Set your display value preferences

  • Select the Preferences tab at the bottom of your profile screen
  • Here you can see and edit your preferences for;
    • Date/Time Format
    • Distance Unit (km or mi.)
    • Fuel Economy Unit (km/L or mpg)
    • Fuel Unit ( Litres or Gallons)
    • Speed Unit (km/h or mph)
    • Timezone

  • To change the value for any of the preferences, click on the value field and select from the drop-down menu. You selection will be automatically saved

  • When you updated a preference value the associated data will be displayed using this value type across the platform

Upload your Avatar

  • To upload your Avatar, click on the avatar silhouette or image if there is an avatar already uploaded
  • The Edit Avatar dialogue window will open

  • Click on the “Choose file to Upload” button. This will open your file browser to select the image you would like to upload
    Note: use a square or round image so it displays correctly

  • After selecting the image you wish to upload, you will see a saving animation
  • Once your file has been uploaded click the close button to close the Edit Avatar dialogue window

  • Your Avatar image will now display on the main menu bar