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Using Fleetsu Billing

The Billing feature available under the User Menu in Fleetsu allows you to view all of your account, billing and payment details for your Fleetsu account providing;

  • Access to current and historical invoices
  • Invoice download
  • Edit your billing and account details
  • Add and edit your credit card details
  • Review your active subscriptions

The Billing menu item will only be visible under User Menu if you have System Admin permissions on your Fleetsu User account.

  1. To access Billing, click on your Avatar on the main menu to open the User Menu
  2. Click on Billing in the menu and your Fleetsu account screen will load
  3. On your account page you will see;
    • Your active subscriptions plans
    • Account Information menu item
    • Billing & Shipping Address menu item
    • Payment Methods menu item
    • Billing History menu item

Reviewing your active subscriptions

You can click through the active subscription plan tab to review the details of the subscription plan including;

  • Subscription type
  • Number of subscriptions active under the plan
  • Subscription amount ($)
  • Billing frequency
  • Payment method
  • PO (if provided at sign up)

View & update your Account Information

The Account Information screen details the Fleetsu account holders information. This is usually the details of the user who first signed up with Fleetsu.

  • Select the Account Information menu item to view the account holder details
  • Click the account details to enter the editing screen
  • You can edit your account details on this screen

View & update your Billing Address

The Billing Address screen details your account billing address, company name and ABN details. 

  • Select the Billing & Shipping Addresses menu item to view your current billing address
  • Click on the billing address to enter the editing screen
  • You can edit you billing details on this screen

View, Add & Update Payment Details

The Payment Details screen shows you your current credit card billing details and allows you to add additional payment methods and update existing payment details.

Adding a new payment method

  • If you do not currently have a payment method under your account or you would like to add a backup payment method, click on the Add New button and complete the required information
  • Once you have input the credit card details, click the Add button to add the credit card to your account

Updating your payment Details

  • Select the Payment Details menu item to view your current payment methods
  • Click on the payment method to view the payment details
  • To edit the payment details, click Edit Payment Method
  • On this screen, you can either click on an existing payment method to edit the details or type your new credit card number into the Card Number field to update the payment method

View Billing History

  • Under Billing History your can see your historical subscriptions invoices including the subscription type, price and billing date
  • Click on the Download button next to a bill to down the invoice

To exit Billing, click the Exit button the main screen and you will be returned to Fleetmap.