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Using Driver ID & Pre-Trip Classification

In this user guide, you will find information on the following:

  • Self-assign to an asset.
  • Driver assignment locking.
  • Pre-Trip Classification (relates to Logbooks).

The Driver ID functionality in the RandONE app supports both driver assigned and self assign scenarios. You can also use the pre-trip classification functionality in Driver ID if enabled in your account to classify your trip with a purpose before commencing. 

If your account is set up for self assign to support pool fleets, you will be able to see available vehicles in the RandONE app based on the following criteria;

  • The vehicle is not currently assigned to another driver
  • The vehicle is parked (ignition off)
  • The vehicle is within 2kms of your current location (location is based on the Location Services of your mobile device)
  • The vehicle has been assigned as a pool vehicle in Rand Platform

Note: If you do not see any vehicles available it means that they are no vehicles available that meet the above criteria.

Self Assign

Once you are logged into the RandONE app and are in the Driver ID module, you will be able to self assign yourself to an available vehicle. This can be done in two different ways;

Via the map view

The Driver ID module will load by default to show the map view displaying vehicle icon markers and your current location.

  • You can select one of the vehicle markers and this will display a dialogue with information about the vehicle and the option to assign yourself.
  • You can also use the search field at the bottom of the screen to search for a vehicle by the Asset Label used in Rand Platform for the vehicle or the vehicles registration.

Via the list view

By selecting the List tab at the top of the screen you can view the available vehicles in a list along with how far the vehicles are from your location.
  • Select an available vehicle from the list.
  • The app will reload the map view displaying the information dialogue for the selected vehicle and the option to assign yourself.

Note: If unassigned vehicle usage warnings have been set up in your account and you drive a pool vehicle without self assigning yourself, then an audible alarm will be triggered on the device in the vehicle. This alarm will stop only once you have stopped the vehicle (ignition off) or assigned yourself to the vehicle. An exception event will also be logged against the vehicle, which can be reported on later.

Driver Assignment Locked

A vehicle can be assigned to you as the driver via Rand Platform by a user with the correct permissions and the assignment locked. This feature would be used when there is a one-to-one association of a driver to a vehicle. 

Assignment locked 

After logging into the RandONE app, the Driver ID module will display the assigned view.

  • The Asset Label of the vehicle you are assigned to will be displayed above the locked assignment button.
  • The unassign button will be locked and display a padlock and “Assignment” to indicate this.
  • You will not be able to unassign yourself from the vehicle. This assignment can only be unlocked by a user via Rand Platform.

Pre-Trip Classification

The pre-trip classification feature will be available in your RandONE app if it is an enabled feature for your account. This feature enables you to pre-classify a trip prior or during a trip with a Business or Private purpose. If private mode has been enabled for your account then trips pre-classified as Private will only be accessible by you and users via the Rand Platform who have the appropriate user permissions.

Pre- classifying a trip

To pre-classify a trip you will select the Trip Purpose button which is visible when you are in the assigned view.

  • Select the Trip Purpose button.
  • You will then be displayed the trip purpose list.
  • Select the trip purpose that you would like to classify your trip with.
  • You will be redirected back to the assigned view and the purpose you have selected will now be displayed in the trip purpose button.
  • To edit the trip purpose, simply click the trip purpose button again and select a different purpose from the available list.
  • The trip purpose you have selected will be assigned to your next or current trip and all proceeding trips until you select a new trip purpose classification or set the trip purpose back to unclassified.


Once you have completed your trip you can set your trip classification back to unclassified.

  • Select the trip purpose button.
  • Select the unclassified button at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will be diverted back to the assigned view screen and the trip purpose button will now display “Trip Purpose” to indicate that no trip purpose is selected.

Tip: If you forget to pre-classify a trip or had not updated the classification for a new trip you can always post-classify the trip using the Logbook module in RandONE or My Logbook feature accessible via Rand Platform.

Note: If you pre-trip classification warnings have been set up in your account and you drive a vehicle assigned to you without selecting a pre-trip classification then you will receive a notification to your mobile device and/or an audible alarm from the device in the vehicle.