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Useful Platform Definitions

This article provides definitions for common terms used to explain functionality in our User Guides for the platform.

  • Asset – Asset is used to describe all “assets” that you are managing on the Rand Platform. This can include but is not limited to – vehicles, trailers, plant equipment, and off-road equipment.
  • Link – A Link describes the association between the device and the asset on the Rand Platform. When you complete the installation of a Device via Installer Portal v2, you are “linking” the Device you are installing to an Asset.
  • Link to Existing Asset – This is the process of installing (linking) a Device to an Asset already in your account on Rand Platform. You will likely select this option when replacing a device in an existing asset or installing a secondary device, such as Dashcam, into an existing asset.
  • Create New Asset – This is the option you select when you are installing a device into a new Asset that you are onboarding to your Rand Platform account. When you complete the installation, a new Asset and a Link between the Device and the Asset will be created.
  • Paused – This is an Asset status set when a Device is uninstalled via Installer Portal v2. An Asset with a Paused status will not display on Fleetmap but will still be available in the Assets module. You can still run reports for the asset where historical data is available.
  • Not-Deployed – This is a Device status that indicates the Device is not installed. In this state, a Device is not billable. The Device becomes “Deployed” once data is received from the Device by Rand Platform. At this point, the Device becomes billable.