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Single Sign On (SSO) with Fleetsu

The Fleetsu SSO integration allows you to authenticate supported SAML Identity Providers with Fleetsu. If your users already have a login to a company portal or intranet SSO might enable them to re-use those credentials to access Fleetsu. Fleetsu supports both IDP initiated and SP initiated authentication as well as user auto-provisioning with key user attributes.


Before you begin you will need:

  • SAML based identity providers such as Microsoft ADFS, Auth0, Onelogin, Okta
  • Administrative permissions to configure the Identity Provider

SSO Endpoint addresses:

Configure your Identity Provider with the following SAML/SSO options (please note if you use a custom domain, please replace with your custom Fleetsu domain.)

SSO attributes required:

SSO Attribute NameValueRequired
NameIDemail addressY
N – defaults to User if not present
FirstNameUser First NameY
LastNameUser Last NameY
PhoneNumberUser phone number (with +xx if available, otherwise defaults to account country code)N
ProfilePictureUrlURL of avatar image (must be publicly available without authentication)N

Once you have configured your SSO provider, please send the following information back to your Fleetsu technical representative to finalise the configuration:

  • Your Identity Provider metadata.xml file


  • EntityID
  • SSO Service URL
  • SSO Logout Service URL
  • x509 Certificate

Testing and Validation

Once everything is configured, you can access the following URL to validate if all attributes have been set up successfully.