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Introduction to Groups module


The Groups module is available to the user with Manager permissions and above. The Groups module allows you to create, edit and delete Groups and sub-groups in your account. Groups module in the platform allows you to create groups for your assets. These could be used to build a departmental structure or regional structure such as state based. Groups in the platform also allows you to restrict access to assets by Users to specific groups.

How to access the Groups module

The Groups module is available under the Systems menu in the platform;

  • Click on on the system menu icon on the main menu
  • Select Groups from the menu drop down

  • The Groups page will load and display a list of the Groups under the account ;
    • Groups – Name of Group
    • Users – Users restricted to that Group
    • Assets – Assets assigned to that Group

Read our How to manage your groups guide to learn how to create, edit and delete groups in the platform.