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How to use the search bar for Fleetmap

One of the key features on Fleetmap is the Search bar visible at the top of the Fleetmap page under the Main Menu. The steps below describe how to use the Search bar to customise your view:

  • At the top of the Fleetmap page under the main menu bar is the Search bar
  • Click the Filters button on the far right of the Search bar to open the filters menu

  • You can then filter the Fleetmap by individual or a combination of the below options; 
    1. Groups
    2. Tags
    3. Asset Status
    4. Device Health

  • Click on the filters you would like to apply to the Fleetmap
  • Once you have selected the filter’s that you wish to apply, click on the orange Go button
  • Click on the Filter button to close the filters menu
  • The Map and Asset table will then display Asset’s based on your applied filter’s
  • To filter the Map and Asset Table to a specific Asset, you can free type the Asset Label in the Search bar and either click the Go button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard. You can also search by other fields by setting the search query as follows;
    1. Click on the down arrow next to the spy glass in the Search bar

  • Select one of the predefined Search Queries

    1. Then type the field value into the Search bar and click the Go Button OR hit your Enter key
    2. You can type in multiple search values and seperate them with a comma, when using a Search Query. An example Asset Label query might be – label01,label10,label27 (Note: no space is required between the comma and next search value)
  • If you would like to remove search filters that you have previously applied, you can either;
    1. Click the Cross icon in the Search bar to remove all Filters
    2. Click on the individual filter in the Search Bar to remove it and click GO again
    3. OR open the Filters menu and de-select the filters you no longer want and click GO again