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How to use the Reminders Notifications report

The Reminders Notifications report provides you with a report to review the reminders that have been met and associated notifications sent by the platform over a selected date range. This report can be used by your fleet or maintenance teams to review what reminders have been met in the last 7-days for example, assisting with planning and scheduling of servicing or renewals for example.

How to access the Reminders Notifications Report

  • Select the Reminders Notifications Report under the Reports menu

  • The report will load listing all of the reminder notifications that have been sent today by default
    Note: If the platform has not sent any reminder notifications today, you will not see any listed in the report when it loads. Try selecting a different date or date range in this case

How to use the Reminders Notifications Report

  • The Reminders Notifications Report displays the following information;
    • Asset – The Asset Label and Group of asset that the reminder is assigned to
    • Rego – The registration and make of the asset
    • Date/Time – The time and date when the notification was sent by the platform
    • Reminder Type – The reminder description (custom to your account) and the reminder type (Reminder, Due, Overdue)
    • Trigger Value – Reminder set value and value when the reminder was triggered
      Note: The trigger value is the first value reported by the asset on or after the reminder set value
    • Completed – the date/time the associated reminder was Completed. The field will be empty if the reminder is still active.

  • You can filter the reminders report by;
    • Group(s)
    • Tag(s)
    • Notification Events
      • Overdue
      • Due
      • Reminder
    • Date Range

  • You can also use the search bar to filter the report to a particular asset using the Asset Label or other asset details such as Rego

How to export the Reminders Report

  • To export the Reminders Report, click on the export button and select the file type you wish to export the data in (PDF, Excel or CSV)

  • You can also Schedule the report export by selecting the Schedule Report option under the download menu (if you have access to this feature) – see the Scheduled Report user guides if you are not familiar with the scheduled report feature