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How to use the Last Movement Report

The Last Movement report shows when Assets last moved. This report is designed for aiding with Asset utilisation enabling you to see which of your Asset’s are being utilised and which are not.

  • Click on Reports on the top menu
  • The Reports drop-down menu will appear
  • Select the Last Movement Report from the list

  • The report will load a table listing all of your Assets and widgets containing the following information:
    1. Total Assets – Total Number of Assets under your Account or Group(s) depending on your user permissions
    2. Today – Last Movement Today. Number of devices whose last movement was today e.g Last Movement > 12:00 am Today
    3. Yesterday – Last Movement Yesterday. Number of devices whose last movement was yesterday
    4. >48hrs – Last Movement > 48hrs. Number of devices whose last movement was greater than 48hrs ago
    5. Not Deployed – Not Deployed. Devices that have never communicated with the server

  • The Asset table displays data in the following columns (the table can be sorted by clicking on the header of each column except the ‘Last Location’ column):
    • Asset Avatar including health indicator
      • Online (Green)
      • Review (Yellow) – no data received in the last 6 to 24 hours
      • Investigate – no data received in the last 24 to 48 hours
      • Offline (Red) – no data received for >48 hours
      • Not Deployed – the device is not installed
      • Not Monitored – relates to platform software tracking Apps only
    • Asset – Asset Label & Group
    • Rego – Asset Registration & Make
    • Device indicators – Internal Battery, GPS, GSM and External Power indicators
    • Days – Total days since the last movement
    • Last Movement –  Time & Date of the last movement event
    • Last Ping – Time & Date the device last connected with the platform
    • Last Event – Time & Date of the last valid data point received from the device
    • Last Location – The last location the Asset was when the installed device last connected with the platform (Address or Fence)

Filtering the Last Movement Report

  • To filter the report click on the down arrow in the search bar at the top of the page

  • You can then filter the report by individual or a combination of the below options; 
    1. Groups
    2. Tags
    3. Device Health
    4. Last Movement

  • If you would like to search for a specific Asset, type the Asset label in the search bar and click on the Go button OR hit your Enter key
  • If you would like to remove all search filters you have applied, click the Cross icon in the Search bar OR to remove specific filters open the Search menu and de-select the filter
  • You can export or schedule a report export via the export selector next to the Search bar