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How to use Breadcrumbs Report

The Breadcrumbs Report allows you to review the historical usage of your Assets over a selected date range on a map view and replay the asset usage. Using this report you can review all historical usage of your Assets including routes, stops and all associated events.

  • Click on Reports on the top menu
  • The Reports drop-down menu will appear
  • Select the Breadcrumbs Report from the list

  • The report home screen will then load, showing the asset table to the left of the screen displaying the Assets that have available Breadcrumbs today’s date by default and the map window

Filtering the Breadcrumbs Report

  • To filter the report by a different date range or other filter parameters, click on the Filters button in the Search bar at the top of the page

  • You can then filter the report by an individual or a combination of the below options; 
    1. Group
    2. Tag
    3. Fence
    4. Date Range

  • Once you have selected your filters, click the GO button to apply them to the Report 
  • The Asset table will then display the Assets that have Breadcrumbs matching the applied filters (Note: If there is no Breadcrumbs data available for the Asset matching the applied filters, it will not be displayed)
  • If you would like to search for a specific Asset, type the Asset label in the search bar and click on the Go button OR hit your Enter key. You can also search by other fields by setting the search query as follows; 
    • Click on the down arrow next to the spyglass in the Search bar
    • Select one of the predefined Search Queries

  • Then type the field value into the search bar and click the Go Button OR hit your Enter key
    • You can type in multiple search values and separate them with a comma when using a Search Query. An example Asset Label query might be – label01,label10,label27 (Note: no space is required between the comma and next search value)

Loading Breadcrumbs for an Asset

  • Once you have filtered the report, click on the Asset in the asset table that you would like to view the available Breadcrumbs for
  • The report will then load; 
    • The Breadcrumbs including stop and important event markers for the selected Asset on the Map
    • The associated Events in the Asset table
    • The Sensors graph for the associated history
  • You can then either click the Play button for auto playback of the Assets Breadcrumbs OR use the scrub bar under the map to scrub back and forth through the Assets Breadcrumbs

  • The date/time widget displays the date/time (24-hour clock) for the Assets location during the playback so you have a clear indication of date and time the Asset was at that location
  • During playback, you will see that the corresponding event in the Asset table is highlighted
  • You can jump to any point in the Breadcrumbs by either;
    1. Clicking on the playback timeline under the map
    2. Clicking in the sensor graph
    3. Selecting an event in the Asset table
  • You can zoom in to a specific section of the Breadcrumbs by selecting the section of interest on the Sensor graph. Simply use your mouse to left-click into the sensor graph and hold and drag across the section you wish to highlight. Release your mouse button and the Sensor graph and timeline will zoom to this section
    Note: the map will not automatically reload to show the selected period

  • To reset the zoom, click the home button in the top left of the fleetmap.

  • You can load other available Sensor data for the selected Asset by clicking on the Sensor Data menu and selecting a different data set

  • Select the Sensor data you would like to see and it will be loaded on the Sensor graph

  • Click on any of the stop or important event markers to view more information about the stop or important event

  • To view the Breadcrumbs for a different Asset, click the back arrow in the top left of the report and select a different Asset from the table