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How to upload documents to an Asset

The Assets module allows you to upload and store important documents relating to your Assets e.g. Manuals, insurance certificates, lease agreements and service receipts. Only customers on an Enterprise subscription plan have access to the Docs tab in the Asset Information screen. This guide explains how to upload a document to your Assets.

  • Navigate to the Assets home screen
  • Click on the Asset Avatar or Label to open the Asset Info page for the Asset you would like to upload documents for
  • Select the Docs Tab

  • To upload a file either;
    • Click on the Choose File button;
      • Your file finder window will open
      • Navigate to the file that you would like to upload, select it and click open in your file selector
      • The file finder window will automatically close and the file will upload to Platform (Note: an upload progress bar will display as the file uploads)
    • Drag and drop the file you wish to load onto the Docs tab
  • Once uploaded the file/document will appear in the table under the Docs tab
  • You can edit the file name by clicking in the file name field for the uploaded document
  • You can add notes to the uploaded document by clicking in the field under the file name field

  • If you would like to download an uploaded documentclick on the download button next to the document in the D/L column

  • To preview the document in your browser, click on the Preview image for the document and it will open in a new browser tab
  • To delete the document from the Asset, click on the Trash Can icon next to the document

Note: the maximum size of document you can load is 10MB