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How to update your Assets Odometer (ODO) or Runtime reading

The platform records and updates the Odometer (ODO) and Runtime for your Assets. The ODO and Runtime values once set will automatically update. These values will either be set by the system, where we are receiving the data from the Asset e.g. when you have a device connected to the engine diagnostics for the Asset or they are manually set by the user. This guide explains how to manually set the ODO and/or Runtime for your Assets.

  • Navigate to the Assets home screen
  • Click on the Asset Avatar or Label to open the Asset Info page for the Asset you would like to set the ODO or Runtime for
  • Click into the ODO/Runtime field and edit the ODO/Runtime value (Note: if a Pad Lock icon is displayed in the field, this means the value is being reported by the Asset and is not manually editable)

  • Click out of the field to save your changes

Important to know

  • The manual value you set will automatically increment based on data received from the device installed in your Asset. This is generated using GPS position calculations, whilst this is very accurate it will not exactly match the value displayed on the dashboard of the Asset and is therefore an estimated value, which may need adjusting periodically
  • If a device is installed and no engine based ODO/Runtime is available, the system will start accumulating from Zero (0). You should note down the ODO/Runtime value from the Asset when you install the device so you can add this to the value shown in the platform when you come to update an Asset. This will mean that you will be setting an accurate manual ODO/Runtime reading