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How to search for a specific location in Fleetmap

You can use the Search Location feature in Fleetmap to search for a specific location using Address, Latitude/Longitude or UTM.

  • To search for a specific location in Fleetmap, click into the Search Location field in the bottom left corner of the Map

  • Type in either the Address, Lat/Long or UTM of the location you would like to locate on the Map (Note: An address look up will appear when typing an address)

  • To complete the location search either select the address from the look up list or click the Enter key on your keyboard
  • The Map will then reload and focus to the location and a marker will be placed on the Map

  • Click on the location marker to display the dialogue window, displaying the address, Lat/Long & UTM of the location
  • To remove the location marker, click on Delete in the dialogue window