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How to manage your Groups…

In the Groups module, you can create, edit and delete groups/sub-groups for your account. Once you have created your group structure, you can start assigning your assets to groups from the Assets module and restrict user visibility using groups in the Users module. 

This guide covers the following;

  • Planning your Group structure
  • How to create a new Group/Sub-Group
  • How to edit and Group/Sub-Group name
  • How to delete a Group/Sub-Group
  • Accessing Users and Assets modules from Groups

To learn how to manage user group visibility, read our guide  How to restrict a Users asset visibility using Groups

Planning your Group structure

Before creating your Group structure consider your asset hierarchy. An Asset in the platform can only be assigned to one group but a User can be given access to all groups, some groups or single groups. This becomes important when you are creating sub-groups. 


  • If you create a State group e.g. VIC and then add sub-groups Melbourne and Geelong you will then need to assign your assets in the VIC group to one of the sub-groups
  • This will allow you to restrict a users access to assets only in the Melbourne OR Geelong sub-group
  • A user whose access is then restricted to the VIC group will have access to all assets in the sub-groups (Melbourne and Geelong)

How to create a new Group/Sub-Group

In the platform you can create Groups and Sub-Groups.

  • Go to the Groups module by selecting it in the system menu
  • Your account name will be displayed at the top of the Group column and any existing groups and sub-groups will be listed below
    1. To create a Group, click the + button next to your Account name
    2. To create a Sub-Group, click the + button next to one of your Groups

  • After clicking the + button a Create Group dialogue box will appear
  • Complete the Group Name field and click the Create button to create your new Group/Sub-Group
  • The new Group/Sub-Group will appear in your Group list

Once you have created a new Group/Sub-Group, it will be available for you to assign assets to in the Assets module and also appear in the Group tab under the User view in the Users module.

How to edit a Group/Sub-Group name

  • Click into the Group/Sub-Group name field and use your keyboard to edit the name

How to delete a Group/Sub-Group

Note: you can only delete a Group/Sub-Group which has no assets assigned to it. If the Group/Sub-Group that you would like to delete has assets assigned to it, you will first have to assign the assets to a different group

  • To delete a Group/Sub-Group, click the trash can icon next to the Group/Sub-Group name (Note: the trash can will only be visible if there are no assets assigned)

Accessing Users and Assets modules from Groups

  • You can access the Users and Assets module straight from Groups by clicking on the numbers displayed in the Users or Assets column