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How to install your hardwired trailer tracker

The following device installation article provides a guide on how to install the Hardwired Trailer Tracker onto your trailing gear such as Dollies and Flat Tops.

Recommended Tools:  

  • Cordless Drill
  • 5mm Drill bit
  • Step drill
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Side cutters
  • Solder/soldering iron
  • Heat gun/torch

Recommended sundries:            

  • Heat shrink
  • 12mm conduit
  • Solder
  • Cable ties
  • 13mm straight adaptor or 12mm 90 degrees elbow
  • Silicone
  • Tek Screws
  • Blue Point terminal blocks

Important: Always ensure you record the device ESN number that you are installing and the Asset identifier e.g. Asset Label or Registration before installing any device. This will ensure that you are able to label the correct asset in the platform installed with the device.

Installation Steps

  • Choose the device installation location;
    • Ensure that you choose an installation location in which the device will not be damaged during normal use of the trailing asset
    • Do not install the device in a location where the top of the device will be facing the ground as this will impact its ability to capture accurate GPS coordinates and transmit data
  • Cut cable to length – from mounting point to existing wiring junction box – allow a further 300mm to go into the junction box
  • Cut conduit to length and heat shrink at tracker end
  • Run a bead of silicone around the back edge of the tracker
  • Drill out 5mm pilot holes where you will be mounting the tracker and secure in place using Tek screws
  • Remove junction box cover
  • Drill out 16mm hole in j/box using step drill and fit either straight or 90-degree elbow
  • Cut conduit to length and run the cable into j/box
  • Cut tracker cable to length, this means cutting off the 3 amp fuse holders
  • Solder the red 3 amp fuse holder back onto the red wire
  • Locate the existing park signal wire and terminate the red wire to it (park signal wire should be brown)
  • Locate the existing earth wiring in the j/box and terminate the black wire of the tracker to it (earth wiring should be either black or white)

End of the installation guide