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How to edit a Users account details/permissions

You are able to edit a Users account details in User management, including changing the Username, User role/permission, and Landing page. Learn how to edit a Users account by following the steps below.

  • Proceed to Users
  • Once the User table has loaded search for the User whose account you would like to edit, either by scrolling down the table or by searching for the Users name with the search bar
  • Once you have located the Users account, click on the Users name to load the User settings screen
  • The User editing screen will then load, where you are able to;
    • Edit the Users name (first name/last name)
    • Edit the Users email address (Username for login)
    • Edit the Users mobile number
    • Change the Users Role (permissions) (or more info, see User Roles/Permission Definitions
    • Change the Users Landing Page (the screen that first loads on user login)
    • Job Title
    • Driver ID (if you have the Drivers module enabled under your Account)

  • Any edits made will be saved automatically by clicking your cursor outside of the field
  • You are also able to complete the following User Actions;
    • Send Welcome Email
    • Send Welcome SMS (if the user has a valid mobile phone number)
    • Send Password Reset
    • Set New Password

  • Once you have finished editing the Users account details, click the arrow to return to the User management home screen.