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How to edit a Fence

This user guide explains how to use the Quick Fence Edit and Full Fence Edit functionality to make edits to the shape, size, styling and descriptions of your Fences.

Quick Fence Edit

Quick Fence Edit can be used to make the below edits to your Fence;

  • Fence Name
  • Fence Description
  • Fence Shape
  • Fence Styling
  • Add/Remove Tags
  • To access the Quick Fence Edit screen, navigate to Fence Management (How to access Fence Management)
  • On the Fence Management home screen, search for the Fence you would like to edit by either;
    • Scrolling the Fence table on the left-hand side of the screen
    • OR by using the search bar to search for the desired Fence by the Fence Name or Tag

  • Once you have located the Fence that you would like to edit select it in the table to open the editing screen
  • The Quick Fence Edit screen will load, displaying the Fence details window on the left of the screen and the Map zoomed to the selected Fence
  • Complete your desired edits to the Fence Name, Description, Styling, Shape or Tags;
    • The Fence Shape is edited by clicking and dragging the Fence point(s)
    • OR you can delete Fence points by double-clicking on them

  • Any changes you make to the Fence information, Styling, Shape or Tags will be automatically saved

  • Once you have completed your Fence edits, click on the back arrow to return to the Fence Management home screen

Full Fence Edit

Full Fence Edit is primarily used when you would like to disable or re-enable a Fence and to select with the Fence is used in reporting or note. Using a Fence in reporting means that the Fence name will display in the Location field rather than the street address. You can also complete the same styling, shape, size and information edits in this view as you can in the quick edit view.

  • Full Fence Edit can be accessed in two ways;
    • Navigate to the Quick Fence Edit Screen as described above. Once you have loaded the Quick Fence Edit screen, click on the blue “View Fence Details” button. This will open the Full Fence Edit screen in a new browser tab

  • On the Fleetmap screen navigate to the specific Fence that you would like to edit (see How to view a specific Fence in Fleetmap), click on the Fence to open the Fence information pop-out and click on the Edit button. This will open the Full Fence Edit screen in a new browser tab

  • In the Full Fence Details, you will see the fence information at the top of the screen and the map view underneath. You can complete edits to the style, shape, size and fence information in the same was as described above in the Quick Fence Editing steps
  • To disable/enable a Fence, use the toggle switch underneath the Fence icon
  • To disable/enable the use of the Fence in reporting, toggle the checkbox “use in Reporting”