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How to draw a new Fence

This user guide will explain how to draw a new Fence. Fences are an extremely flexible and powerful feature, which can be used for monitoring arrival and departure times, reviewing asset activity in designated zones, setting unique speed limits and much more.

Navigating to Fence Management

  • Navigate to the Fence Management home screen (How to access Fence Management)
  • Once the Fence Management home screen has loaded, click on the blue New Fence button
  • The Fence drawing screen will load showing a New Fence Instructions window on the left of the screen and Map. The New Fence Instructions guides available are;
    • Quick Start
    • Change Drawing Mode
    • Add Points
    • Delete Points

Important:  If this is your first time drawing a new Fence, make sure you read through the New Fence Instructions guides to ensure you familiarise yourself with the functionality available.

Drawing a new Fence

  1. Search for the location that you would like to draw your Fence by either;
    • Typing the address of the location into the Search Place bar at the top of the Map 
    • OR drag (you must have selected the Hand tool in the toolbar) and zoom the Map to your desired location

  • You can change the Map view between Street and Satellite (Hybrid by default) to assist you in drawing the correct boundaries for your Fence. You also have the option to use Street View
  • Select the Fence shape drawing tool
  • Draw your Fence (ensure you have read the New Fence Instructions)
  • Once you have finished drawing your new Fence you will see that the window on the left of the screen will now display your Fence information. This is the quick Fence editing screen, where you can;
    • Name your Fence
    • Assign Tag(s)
    • Style your Fence (fill & outline colour and opacity)
    • Write a description
  • Once you have named and styled your new Fence, click the blue View Full Fence Details button to load the full Fence editing screen
  • A new browser Tab will open loading the Full Fence Details screen. In this screen you can edit your fence details;
    • Fence Name
    • Fence Description
    • Fence styling 
    • Toggle ‘use in Reporting’ on/off for the Fence (this is on by default and means the Fence name will appear in place of the address in your Reports. If you do not want the name of the Fence to display in your reports, just toggle this off)
    • Enable/Disable the Fence
    • Assign/Remove Tag(s)
    • Edit the shape and size of your Fence on the Map
    • Assign/Unassign Assets to the Fence

Once you have finished your new fence setup you will be able to see it on the Fleetmap. If you have left ‘use in Reporting’ on, you will now also see your fence name appear in the location field in the Asset table on Fleetmap and in your reports.

Now that you have created your first fence, go ahead and create as many as you like. There is no limit to how many fences you can create under your account.

NOTE: All of your assets will automatically interact with your new fence.