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How to Disable & Enable a Fence

This user guide explains how to Disable a Fence and how to Re-Enable a Fence once it has been disabled.

Disable Fence

  • Navigate to the Full Fence Edit screen for the Fence that you would like to disable (see How to edit a Fence if you are unfamiliar with how to navigate to the Full Fence Edit screen)
  • Click on the Enabled/Disabled toggle to disable the Fence

  • A Disabled Fence will no longer; 
    • Display on the Fleetmap 
    • Appear in the Fences table on Fleetmap or in Fence Management
    • If the Fence was enabled to ‘use in Reporting’ the Fence Name will no longer appear in the Location/Address field. It will still be displayed in historical Reports
    • Interactions with the Fence by Assets will no longer appear in the Fence Reports
  • The status change is automatically saved after you have toggled the Enabled/Disabled switch

Re-Enable a Fence

To re-enable a disabled fence, simply navigate to the Full Fence Details screen for the Fence you would like to re-enable and toggle the enable/disable toggle switch to Enabled