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How to create and assign a new Tag

This user guide explains how to create and assign the 3 different types of Tags available in Platform. Please read the accompanying user guide What can I use the different Tags for in Platform? to understand what each Tag type can be used for in Platform.

Create a new Tag

  • Navigate to Tag Management (How to access Tag Management)
  • Click on the New Tag button (blue) and a pop-out Create Tag dialogue will appear
  • In this dialogue you need to;
    • Complete the Tag Name field
    • Select the Tag colour
    • Select the Tag type
  • Click on the Create button (blue)
  • The Create Tag window will close and your new Tag will be added to your Tag list in the Tag table (note: Tags are listed in alphabetical order)

Assigning a New Tag

A Tag can be assigned to just Assets for example or a combination of Assets, Fences or Users. In addition, Assets, Fences and Users can be assigned to multiple Tags. Make sure you read our user guide What can I use the different Tags for in Platform? to help you make the most of this Platform feature.

  • Now you have created your new Tag, you will want to assign it to your Assets/Fences/Users
  • Click on the Tag name to load the Tag editing screen

  • Select the Tab at the bottom of the screen corresponding to what you would like to assign the Tag to (Assets/Fences/Users)
  • You will see 3 buttons under the Assets and Fences tab and 1 button under the Users tab;
    • Add Assets/Fences/Users (Blue) – used to assign specific Assets/Fences/Users with the Tag
    • Add All (Green) – used to assign all of your Assets/Fences with the Tag
    • Remove All (Red) – used to remove the Tag from all of your Assets/Fences
  • To assign the Tag to all of your Assets/Fences, click on the green Add All button under the corresponding Tab
  • To assign the Tag to specific Assets/Fences/Users;
    • Click on the blue Add Assets/Fences/Users button on the corresponding tab
    • A pop-out window will open listing your Assets/Fences/Users
    • Scroll the table or use the search bar to find specific Assets/Fences/Users
    • Select the Assets/Fences/Users you would like to assign the Tag to in the pop-out selection screen
    • Click on the Add Assets/Fences/User button to save
    • Close the pop-out by clicking the cross in the top right-hand corner or by clicking on the screen outside of the pop-out
  • Once you have assigned your Tag, click the back arrow to return to the Tag Management home screen