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How to create a scheduled report

Scheduled reporting allows you to save and schedule your reports to be sent via email in CSV & Excel format. Scheduled Reports allow you to save your customised report and receive it outside of the platform so you only have to create your report once. It also allows you to share reports with other users within your organisation or with your customers. 

Follow the steps below to create a scheduled report:

  • Load the report that you wish to schedule
  • Filter the report to build the report you would like to receive as an export. For example, filter the report by;
    • Group and/or
    • Asset Label and/or 
    • Tag
  • Once you have filtered the report, hover your cursor over the export button. Then select ‘Schedule Report’ from the Export menu.

Note: not all reports can be scheduled. If the ‘Scheduled Report’ option is not available under the Export menu, then that report cannot be scheduled

  • The Schedule report dialogue will appear, where you will;
    • Name your report
    • Select when you would like to send the report (Now, Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
    • Select the day/time at which you would like the platform to send you the report (Only visible if you have selected Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
    • Select the Reporting Period e.g. Last 7 Days
    • Add the Email Addresses that you would like the platform to send the report to (separate multiple emails by a comma) 
    • Edit the Subject and Message field’s (note: these fields work exactly the same as a normal email client like Outlook or Gmail)
  • Example: If you would like to schedule a weekly Trip Report showing the trips for a Group of assets in your fleet for last week you would;
    • Load the Trip Report
    • Filter the report by the Group your assets are in that you would like to generate the report for
    • Open the Schedule Report dialogue 
    • Name your report
    • Select ‘Weekly’ under the ‘When to send report’
    • Select the Day of the week and time on that day you would like the report generated
    • Select ‘Last 7 Days’ under the ‘Reporting Period’ selector
    • Select the format you would like to receive the report in under the ‘Report Format’ selector (CSV, XLSX)
    • Add the email address(es) you would the report to be sent to
    • Edit the Subject and Message fields
    • Click the ‘Schedule’ button to create your scheduled report
  • Once you have completed the Schedule Report information, click the Schedule button to create your scheduled report
  • All scheduled reports that you create can be viewed and accessed via Scheduled Reports under the Reports menu