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How to create a New User

Follow the below steps to quickly and easily create a new User.

  • Proceed to User Management (How to access User Management)
  • In the User Management Home screen, click on the New User button to the left of the search bar

  • The Create User dialogue window will display

Creating your user

  • Select the User Role from the available menu (for more info, see User Roles/Permission Definitions)
  • Select the Group visibility level for the User;
    • All Vehicles will enable the User to see all Assets under your Account
    • By selecting a specific Group you will restrict the Users account to only have visibility over that Group
  • Assign any Asset Restricted Tags (learn about Asset Restricted Tags)
  • Complete the User Details and Login Details fields. Note: leaving the Password field blank will result in a system-generated password
  • Select the Welcome Notification you would like to send to the new User. Note: selecting SMS will enable the mobile number field
  • Click the blue Create button to create the new User. If you have selected a Welcome Notification it will automatically be sent now.

New User profile screen

  • You will now be redirected to the new User screen, where you can;
    • Disable/Enable the user account
    • Edit the user group access
    • Change the landing page for the user
    • Edit the user details
    • Send/re-send a Welcome Email/SMS
    • Send a password reset
    • Upload user avatar
  • To return to the User Management home screen, click on the arrow icon to the left of the Search bar
  • Once created the user will appear in the table on your User Management home screen