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How to create a new Reminder

Using Assets you can create service/maintenance reminders by Odometer, Runtime/Engine Hours or Fuel OR date based. You can also create custom reminders descriptions that suit your business needs. Follow the steps in this guide to create a new Reminder.

Creating a new Reminder

  • Go to Assets and open the Asset information page for the Asset you would like to create a Reminder for
  • Click on the Reminder tab

  • Click on the Select Reminder Type menu
  • The Reminder Type drop down menu will appear

  • Select the Reminder type you would like to create. Reminders are grouped into Asset and Platform.
    1. Asset – Fuel Consumed (L)
    2. Asset – Odometer (Km)
    3. Asset – Runtime (Hours)
    4. Platform – Date/Time
  • Once you have selected the Reminder type, you can select the Reminder Description. Click in the description field and a drop down menu will appear with default descriptions (see the Create Custom Reminders Description section of this guide to learn how to create your own descriptions)

  • Now you have selected the reminder type and description you can set the Reminder values that will dictate when you receive reminder notifications. Note – do not enter values with commas or decimal points (Example: if you would like to set a reminder at 95,000km type 95000 in the Reminder field)
    1. Reminder – Sends a reminder at your specified value or date/time
    2. Due – Sends a reminder at your due at value or date/time
    3. Overdue – Sends a reminder at the overdue at value or date/time
  • The last field to complete is the Notify field, you can leave this set to default (No Notification) or click on the field to show the list of available Users under your account to whom you can set to receive the email reminders

  • Click the plus button to complete the Reminder creation process 
  • The new Reminder will appear in the table under the Reminders tab and against the Asset in the Asset List on the Assets home screen

Creating a Custom Reminder Description

  1. You can create your own Custom Reminder Description that you can use for your account
  2. To create a Custom Reminder Description, click you cursor in the Description field
  3. Then type your Custom reminder description in the Description field 
  4. Click enter on your keyboard OR click your cursor outside of the field to save the custom description
  5. Your custom description will then be available in the description drop down list when creating new reminders

Completing a Reminder

  1. To complete a reminder for an Asset, simply navigate to the Asset info screen for the Asset
  2. Select the Reminder Tab
  3. Click on the Complete button next to the Reminder you would like to complete
  4. The reminder will then be marked as completed

Delete a Reminder

  1. To delete a reminder from an Asset, navigate to the Asset info screen for the Asset
  2. Select the Reminder Tab
  3. Click on the Trash Can button next to the Reminder
  4. The Reminder will then be deleted from the Asset