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How to add a custom Info field

You can now create custom info fields in the platform, allowing you to create and use info fields for your Assets that suit your business requirements. This guide explains how to create your Custom Info fields.

  • Navigate to the Assets home screen
  • Click on the Asset Avatar or Label to open the Asset Info page for the Asset you would like to add a custom info field to
  • Select the Info Tab

  • Click in the Field Name field to display the Field Selector list
    • If this is the first time you are creating a Custom Info field the list will only contain pre-defined Platform custom fields
    • If you or another user under your account has previously created Custom Info fields, they will also be displayed in the list to select from

  • You can either select one of the Custom Info fields from the list to use or type the name of your new custom field into the Name field
  • Now complete the Value field. This is a free type field so make sure to include the value descriptor e.g. KG, Tons, Litres, Metres etc

  • Once you have completed the Name and Value fields, click the Add Custom Field button
  • The Custom Info Field will then be added to your Asset and appear under the Info Tab

  • You can edit the value by clicking into the field or you can delete the field from the Asset by clicking the Trash Can

Note: Any new Custom Info Fields that you create for one Asset will be available for selection in the Info Tab for all your Assets.