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How to Access User Management

As User Management is a core part of Account Settings, it is only accessible to Users with System Admin account permissions. If you are a System Admin you can access User Management as follows:

Access Users

  • Click on the three dots next to the Help icon

  • The System menu will appear

  • Select Users in the menu and the User management module will load

Users home screen

  • The Users home screen displays a table, listing all active and deactivated Users under your Account. The table contains the following columns:
    • Name – Users name (First Name/Last Name)
    • Role – The permission level assigned to the User (for more details, see User Roles/Permission Definitions)
    • Email – Email address associated with the User account (Username for login)
    • Account Holder – Portal account holder
    • Accepted T & C – shows that the user has accepted Application Terms and Conditions
    • Last Login – The time/date of the Users last login
    • Landing Page – The page in Application that the User will land on after login

Searching for a user

  • The Search bar at the top of the page can be used to search for a specific User, by free typing the Users name and clicking the Go button or by hitting the Enter/Return key on your keyboard

Now that you’ve accessed User Management, read the other guides in this section to learn all about how to create and manage your users.