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How to access Fence Management

This user guide explains how to access Fence Management (Fences) and an overview of the Fence Management home screen.

  • You can access Fence Management via two areas in your platform, the first is via the main menu and the second is via the Fence tab on the Fleetmap screen
  • Accessing Fence Management via the Menu:
    • Click on the three dots next to the Help icon

  • The System menu will appear listing Fences
    • Select Fences in the menu and the Fences home screen will load

  • Accessing Fence Management via the Fence tab on the Fleetmap Screen:
    • Click on the Fences tab next to the Assets tab in the summary table on the Fleetmap screen

  • Click on the blue Fence Mgt button and the Fences home screen will load

  • The Fences home screen displays a table on the left, listing all active Fences under your customer account and map showing your Fences. The Fence table details the following information;
    • Fence styling (Fence fill and outline colours)
    • Fence Name
    • Fence Description
      Note: if you do not have any active Fences the Fence table will be empty

  • The Search bar at the top of the page can be used to search for a specific Fence, by free typing the Fence name and clicking the Go button or by hitting the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. This will filter the Fence table to Fence/s matching the search along with zooming the map to show Fence/s matching the search.

Now that you’ve accessed Fences, read the other guides in this section to learn all about how to use all available features.