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How to access Device Management

Device Management is a tool designed for managing and monitoring devices. It is accessible to System Administrator users and only if this module is accessible under your customer account. This module can be accessed as follows:

  • Click on the three dots next to the Help icon at the top right of your screen to open the System Management menu
  • The System Management menu will appear listing any system management modules that you have access to, including Device Management (this will show in the menu as Devices).
  • Select Devices. This will take you to the Device Management home screen.
  • The home screen displays a table listing all of the enabled and disabled devices under your account, as well as various pieces of information about the devices. This table contains the following information:
    • Asset Avatar & Health – This indicates the health of the device. This is also reflected in the coloured tab at the very left of each row in the table. The different device health states are defined here.
    • Device – The serial number of the device.
    • F/W – The current firmware version deployed to the device
    • Health – Health indicators for GSM, GPS, Internal Battery voltage and External Power voltage
    • Provisioned – The date/time at which the device was first added to the system
    • Installed – The date/time at which the device was installed
    • Last Ping – The date/time at which the device last communicated with the platform
    • Last Event – The date/time of the last valid message sent by the device to the platform
    • Asset – The label/name given to the asset in which the device is installed. Below this, the Account the asset belongs to (if you have sub-accounts under your account) and also the group under which the asset sits
    • Location – The last known address of the device, based on a look-up of the last GPS coordinates reported by the device

  • The search bar above the table can be used to filter the results. Using this, you can search by Asset (label) or Device (serial number) by typing them into the field and clicking your Enter key or the Go button
    Note: You can use comma separators to search for multiple Devices in one search query e.g. {device.label},{device.label},{device.label}. There should be no spaces between the comma and the next Label or Serial Number
  • Clicking the small down arrow at the left of the search bar will bring up a small drop-down menu, with more parameters to search by, including vehicle registration, vehicle VIN and vehicle manufacturer

  • Further filtering can be done by selecting the filters from the far right of the search bar to the left of the Go button

  • Filtering options include group, device health, device status, tags, and any geofences that the device is currently in. If a device is within a geo-fence, the fence’s name will show in the Location column (rather than the address of that location)

Now that you’ve accessed Device Management, read the other guides in this section to learn all about how to use the available features.