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Getting Started with Rand ELD

Getting Setup

Please reach out to support or your account rep to enable Rand ELD for you. Once enabled, you can get started by installing the app and connecting your ECM device to your vehicle.

Rand ELD App Installation

Scan the QR code from you mobile device to download the Rand ELD App



Rand ELD Device Connection

  • After enabling all permissions, log into the app and select your tractor from the “Select Tractor” list to pair with your device.
  • The dash odometer and confirmation must be filled in. This information is used if the odometer data isn’t available from the ECM. Once filled in select Save.
  • On the ECM-Linked Devices screen, select your device from the list. This will pair the device with the app and display the device as connected.
  • The ELD Diagnostic screen validates the device connection and required data is available. Once all tests pass, select Continue to begin using the app.

Rand ELD App Help and Support

Detailed functionality instructions are available from the Main Menu of the app.

  • To access Open the menu, scroll to the bottom of the list, and select “Help and Support”
  • This section of the app provides detailed instructions for app functionality.
  • Select a topic to view details about the functionality

Rand ELD Reference Documents