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Get to know Time Management

This guide introduces the Time Management interface and filter options.

  • To access the Time Management module, click on the Time Mgt menu item on the Fleetsu main menu
  • The Time Mgt module home screen will then load displaying all Stops made by your Assets Today 
    Note: Time Mgt loads Today’s Stops by default
  • You will see across the top of the screen, widgets displaying;
    • Total Stops – the total number of Stops made by your Assets in the selected date range
    • Total Trip Time – the total trip time (hours) completed by your Assets during the selected date range
    • Total Stop Time – the total stop time (hours) made by your Assets during the selected date range
    • Chargeable Time – the total chargeable time made by your Assets during the selected date range
      Note: if no Stops have been classified, this widget will be blank
    • Efficiency % – the chargeable efficiency of your Assets during the selected date range i.e. Chargeable Time Vs Total Stop Time
      Note: if no Stops have been classified, this widget will display 0%
  • Under the widgets you will see the Stops table, displaying the following information;
    • Asset – the Asset that made the Stop and Group
    • Location – Location (Address or Fence) where the Stop was made
    • Arrival – the date/time the Asset arrived at the Stop location
      Note: the arrival date/time is the date that the Stop is listed e.g. if the Asset arrived at 10am on June 21st and departed at 12pm on June 22nd the Stop will be listed on June 21st
    • Departure – the date/time the Asset departed the Stop location
      Note: if the Asset is still Stopped at the location ‘On-Site’ will be displayed in place of the departure date/time
    • Trip Duration – the duration of the Trip prior to the stop
    • Time on Site – total time the Asset was stopped at the location
    • Total Duration – the total of the Trip Duration and Time On-Site column
    • Job Number – job number you have assigned to the Stop
    • Job Stage – the stop classification you have assigned to the Stop (default is Not Classified)
    • Notes – Job Notes you have added to the Stop. When you have filtered to a single asset on a single day a Daily Notes field is available at the top of the column
  • You can filter the Stops displayed by using the search bar. Click the dropdown arrow in the search bar to display the available filters. Available filters are;
    • Group
    • Tag
    • Stop Duration (filter to show stops greater than)
    • Stop Classification
    • Date Range

  • To filter the Stops table to Stops made by a specific Asset, type the Asset Label into the Search Bar and click Go or hit the enter key on your keyboard

Now you have familiarised yourself with the Time Mgt interface you can start classifying you Stops. Go to the Classifying Stops in Time Management use guide to learn how.