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Creating a new FBT logbook

The Logbook module is where you will go to create and administer FBT logbooks for your fleet. Follow the below steps to create a new FBT Logbook.

  • Click on the Logbook menu on the menu bar

  • Select Logbooks under Management subheading to open the Logbook management screen;If this is the first time using Logbooks, the table will be empty on this screen and the widgets will display no values
  • If there is already some logbooks created under your account they will be listed
  • Click on the New Logbook button

  • The new Logbook dialogue window will open
  • Select the logbook type (defaults to FBT)
  • Create a Label for the logbook – this could be the driver’s name who will complete the logbook or any other identifier you wish to use as the label
  • Select whether you would like an unclassified trip Reminder Notification to be sent to the Logbook Driver. This can be left as Never or you can select Daily or Weekly.
    Note: The reminder email will only be sent if there are unclassified trips in the logbook at the time when the reminder is generated
  • In the Asset field, search for the Asset you would like to assign the FBT logbook. You can type the Label of the Asset in the field and it will display auto-complete options from Assets under your account
  • Next, select the Logbook Owner by clicking the logbook owner selector field. You will be displayed with a list of Drivers and Users available in your account that you can allocate the logbook to
    Note: you can assign multiple logbooks to a Driver or User
  • If you need to create a new Driver or User you can use the quick links (User Management and Driver Management) in the dialogue to take you to one of these modules directly. (Note: These buttons display only to those who have access to respective modules. The buttons do not display if they dont have access to the modules)
    – If user has access to Driver Mgmt, display driver management button
    – If user has access to User Mgmt, display user management button
    – If user has no access to both, both buttons wont be displayed
  • Once you have completed all the fields click the Create button
  • The FBT logbook will be created and assigned to the Asset and Driver/User and an email notification sent to the Driver/User notifying them of the new Logbook assigned to them
  • Once the logbook has been created you will be redirected to the Logbook management screen for the new logbook and the logbook will be added to your In Progress logbooks list on the logbook management screen

Read our user guide on How to administer your Logbooks to learn how to manage, edit and complete your logbooks.