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Completing a logbook

The Logbook module is where you create, administer, and complete the FBT logbooks for your fleet.

Follow the below steps to complete FBT Logbooks.

Once the logbook has been created, you will be redirected to the Logbook management screen for the new logbook. It will be added to your In Progress logbooks list that is displayed on the logbook management screen.

  • Select the setting management from the top right corner of the page to create a period for you created Logbook.

  • It redirects the page to the platform setting tab
  • Select the Logbook period.
  • Select the New Period from the top left corner of the page to create a New Period.

  • Create a Type – It should be the country which the Asset belongs to.
  • Duration – Enter the numbers of days in week from the day you created the Logbook to the end date of the Logbook.
  • Logbook End Date – It displays the date of which the financial year ends or which the date, that you wants it to be completed.

After the creation of the New Period It returns to the page of Logbook management you can change the status of the logbook.

  • Select the option Completed from the dropdown option to complete the logbook
  • Select the Complete Logbook option from the Dialogue box. (It shows the completion date)

If you complete the Logbook before the duration, it will display an intimation message that, the logbook period is less than the minimum recommended period of created weeks.

If you want to continue to complete the Logbook, click the option Complete Logbook once again.

  • Click the filter drop-down button
  • Select the option Completed on the top right corner

It displays the Logbook that represents the status as In progress and Completed.