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Classifying Trips with My Logbook

My Logbook is used by Users to classify the trips they have completed during the Logbook period. My Logbook can be accessed via the web application on a Desktop/Laptop or via the Manager mobile app on a mobile phone. If the User is just a Logbook User this will be the only module they can access in application when they log in. If you are a Driver, you can also use the mobile Driver App to classify any trips that you have taken over the last 60 days. Trips older than 60 days require the My Logbook section in the web application as follows.

Accessing My Logbook

  • To access My Logbook, log into application either via a web browser on your desktop/laptop or via the Manager mobile app
    • If you are just a Logbook user you will be directed straight to My Logbook after login
    • If you are a full user of Application you will need to navigate to My Logbook via the Logbook menu on a desktop/laptop

  • If you have accessed My Logbook on a desktop or laptop will see different information;
    • On a desktop, laptop or tablet screen you will see;
      • Start Time/Distance
      • Asset
      • From – address trip started
      • To – address trip ended
      • Set Type button
  • On a mobile phone screen in portrait view some information is hidden and you will only see;
    • Start Time/Distance
    • To – address trip ended
    • Set Type button
  • My Logbook will load all unclassified trips by default and in descending order (most recent first)
  • You can switch between unclassified and classified trip views by clicking the buttons at the top of the page

Classifying a single trip

  • To classify a trip, click on the Set Type button
  • The trip type selector will appear
  • Click on the selector to display the list of Trip Purpose types that you can classify your trip
  • Select the purpose type and this will automatically classify the trip as Business or Private and remove the trip from the Unclassified trip list
  • You can click on the Start or End location to review the start or end location on a map

Bulk trip classification

  • To bulk classify trips in My Logbook on a desktop/laptop, hover your cursor over a trip and check the checkbox that will appear in place of the asset avatar
  • If you are viewing My Logbook in the Manager app, the checkbox will be visible already
  • Once you have checked the first trip you wish to bulk classify the bulk trip purpose selector will appear at the top of your screen
  • Once you have selected all trips that you wish to bulk classify
    • Click the trip purpose selector
    • Select the trip purpose you would like to bulk classify the trips as
    • Click the Classify button
  • You can cancel the bulk classification by clicking the cancel button next to the bulk trip purpose selector

Editing a trip classification (single or bulk)

  • If you would like to edit a classified trip, click the Classified button at the top of the screen to display your classified trips.
  • Click on the Edit Type button
  • The trip type selector will appear and you can select a new trip purpose for the trip
  • You can also edit trip classifications in bulk by following the same steps as described in the Bulk trip classification section of this guide